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Krede Brede - figures - crocodiles Krede Brede - figures - crocodiles Krede Brede - figures - crocodiles Krede Brede - figures - crocodiles Krede Brede - figures - crocodiles Krede Brede - figures - crocodiles

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DIMENSIONS: chalk approx. 7×7 cm, bag approx. 15x20cm
MATERIAL CHALKS: chalk, pigment
MATERIAL BAG: 100% cotton Oeko-Text standrd 100 Classe I

Chalks are white, yellow, red, blue, green and black colors.

Shape and dimensions of the bag may differ! Approx. dimension is 15x20cm.

Colors and shades may differ monitor to monitor but finished product quality should be close to what you see.

Breda Chalk is handmade in shapes that will encourage your kids to create.

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Product details

Breda Chalk is handmade in shapes that will encourage your kids to create. The kit contains a variety of basic colors with which children get to understand colors, their mixing, intensity depending on the power they use on the chalk, the behavior of the material on the surface they are drawing and the behavior of the material in contact with water.

The shapes of butterflies, dinosaurs, cubes and figurines are fully adapted to the small child's hands. Because of these forms Chalk Breda is also less fragile than conventional chalks and can therefore be used for longer period of time.

With the idea that Breda Chalk would be stored as easy as possible we hand-sewed a bag of 100% certified cotton. Since it is very durable, washable and pleasant to touch you can use it even when the chalks run out. Store other child's games, toys, slippers, perhaps herbs... in it.

Breda Chalk is also a very nice and an original gift. Since the bag itself is colorful and pleasant to touch you do not need any additional wrapping paper. Furthermore, also other Hiškarija’s products have the same fabric designs as Breda Chalk’s bags so you can combine them in a cute gift.

For a good, clean fun here are couple of Hiškarija’s tips for the games from our childhood, where you can use Breda Chalks:
-    Steal the territory: for two or more players. Use Breda Chalks to draw a circle and split it into as many parts as there are players. Each player writes down name of one country onto his part. Each player stands into his country. Use a smaller wooden stick when the first player yells “Now!” and throws the stick inside the circle. Other players run as far as way as possible. The player, on whose country the stick stops, has to then run back as quickly as possible and yells “Stop!”. All other players have to stop. He then tries to hit a player with the stick. If he does, he then takes a part of his country by drawing a line which he can reach from his country. If he misses, the other player takes his territory in the same way. The player, who was hit, starts the next round of the game. The one, who steals the whole territory, wins.
-    Curved snail: for two or more players. By using Breda  Chalks you draw snail’s house and divide it into optional number of fields.  You also need a small flat stone. Determine one player who will start the game. This player throws the stone into the first field and while jumping on one leg he is kicking the stone until the ending field, where he picks the stone up. Then he starts from the beginning and throws the stone into the second field. He proceeds the same way until he reaches the final field or if the stone drops out from the field. Then the second player takes over. The winner is the player who reaches the centre for the snail’s house.
-    Limping fox: for two or more players. Use Breda Chalks to draw a circle. Tie a knot using the bag where you keep the chalks. Pick a player who will start first. With a bag in one hand while jumping on one foot the player jumps into the circle – fox’ lair. These he can stand on both feet while outside of the lair he can jump only on one foot. The game starts when  he yells: “Limping fox now!” and tries to touch the other players using the bag and jumping on one foot. When he does, the caught player becomes the limping fox. If the fox gets tired, he can return to the lair to rest a bit.
-    Hopskotch: for two or more players. Draw squares with Breda Chalks in the following sequence: 1 – 1 – 2- 1 – 2 – semicircle. Mark them with numbers from 1 to 7. You need a small stone or a stick. Pick a player who will start. He stands in front of hopskotch and throws the stone into the first square. Jumping on one foot he has to reach the semicircle and return to the starting point and on his way back pick up the stone. If the stone falls outside of the square or on the line or if the player stapes down or our leaves hopskotch, another player takes the turn. Winner is the player who picks up the stone from all the squares.
-    And others: ask your partner, grandparents, aunts and uncles…
Let the games begin!

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