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Interview in magazine Eko hiša & stil, October 2019


Mrs. Petra Narat Palčnik tapped me on the sleeve and an interview with in the cute magazine Eko Hiša & stil was made.

Thank you 💝



Zvezki Slavci na Fesch Markt-u na Dunaju

14.06. - 16.06.2019

Še v največji vročini se Zvezki Slavci odpravijo na dolgo pot, da lahko razveseljujejo tudi naše Avstrijske sosede.

Kakšna sreča, da so se tokrat podali v pivnico Ottakringer Breuerei na Dunaju, kjer ni manjkalo osvežilnih pijač, prijetnih obiskovalcev in toplih besed.

Hvala Fesch Markt za še en nepozaben vikend :).

Hiškarija in magazine GLOSS, May 2019


It is always nice to see my own products in suc a lovely magazine.

Thank you GLOSS 💝

Season Art Market Ljubljana, Slovenia 2018


We were hanging out under birches on Bregu next to the river Ljubljanica the whole summer.

Again and again, you make me happy with your warm words and support.

Thank you from my heart.

Hiškarija greetings 2018


T H A N K   Y O U from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has co-created another Hiškarija year.

Without you Slavc Notebook, Gustav Chinese jump rope, Breda Chalk, Rič Hopscotch, Tone Hulahoop, Jelka Christmas tree and others would not grow and improve each day.

You have repeatedly drawn a smile on my face when you supported me with your purchases and pampered me with encouraging words. You fueled my enthusiasm and courage to go forward along the path.

Enriched with new knowledge, insights, experiences and acquaintances I am looking forward to our new projects.
I wish you a warm, successful and healthy year 2018!

Christmas Art Market Ljubljana, Slovenia 2017


Hiškarija ended the year 2017 with the third Christmas Art Market Ljubljana in the ambiental atrium of the main Post Office of Slovenia on Čopova street in Ljubljana, Slovenija.

It was unforgettable, especially since you visited me in a really large number.

THANKS to all of you who recognized Hiskarija's products as an original gift.

Without you, my festive December would not have been so shiny.

Hiskarija presents itself at Design markt Edelstoff in Vienna, Austria

02.12. in 03.12.2017

Already at the very beginning of Hiškarija the desire to present itself on foreign art markets was born.

The journey seemed to be quite remote but this year the desire became so strong that I simply had to submit the application.

Hiškarija was welcomed among the best Austrian designers and I am extremely pleased to be able to co-create such an outstanding event.

Extremely grateful for the great experience I am, from now, going beyond Slovenian borders.

End of the summer season Art market Ljubljana 2017


This Saturday, October 21st 2017, the Saturday hand-craft ART market Ljubljana closed the season.

This year we have seen each other only twelve times at the river bank of Ljubljanica river since rain drops caused us some problems.

Nevertheless, with a smile on my lips, I remember all the beautiful Saturdays when you visited me in such a great number, supported me with the purchase. All of this helped me to continue to create the unique Slavc Notebook, Gustav Chinese jump rope, Breda Chalk, Ric Hopscotch, Tone Hulahoop and other games of our childhood under the Hiškarija brand.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will be with you again from December 18th to December 23rd, 2017 at the Christmas Art Market in Ljubljana in the atrium of the main Post Office of Slovenia on Čopova street in Ljubljana. I'm already looking forward to your visit 💗.

Month of Design 2017 with Breda Chalk and Tone Hulahoop

From October 17th to November 17th, the Month of Design 2017 will take place - the 17th International Design Festival under this year's title PROGRESS.

It's an overwhelming feeling when Hiškarija’s products are surrounded by a top-notch design. Take a look at the Brands and Signs Exhibition and see the Breda Chalk and Tone Hulahoop.

The opening event was an excellent experience on its own. The program of the festival can be found on

Hiškarija at the Children's Bazaar 2017


Hiškarija attended for the first time the Children's Bazaar in Hall C at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center. Thanks to everyone who visited me. I had such a lovely and exciting time. I smiled, learned and, above all, felt happy because you attended in such a great number. Thanks 💝

Hiškarija is presented on the MMC RTV Slovenia web portal

Is always cheers me up when Hiškarija is presented in the media. Thanks to Ms Alenka Klun from RTV Slovenia 💗.

Find more about "Hiškarija: where is home of Notebook Slavc, Chalk Breda, Hopscotch Ric" and you will realize why to choose HISKARIJA 💗.

Earth Day and Hiskarija's care for the environment

About a year ago I came across the information of the World Bank that the textile industry pollutes of as much as 20% of all the water on Earth. I have to admit that came as a shock to me so I decided to offer products from ecological fabric with ecological print on the shelves of Hiškarija from a company which is working fully according to the principles of environmental preservation.

This company decided to take care of our planet throughout the entire production process. Instead of paper towels they used cotton, they take care of their own garden which produced 2.700 kg of compost in a year and a half from which they got so much soil that they could plant 1.400 tomatoes.

All waste fabrics are cut and reused as fillers in the automotive, furniture and construction industry. They have donated as many as 2.500 meters of fabrics so far to charity. When printing goods they do not use water nor toxic colors with substances such as formaldehyde and lead. All their cartridges are 100% biodegradable. The entire process of manufacturing goods is designed to produce only as much goods as ordered.

When creating Hiškarija’s products I am also striving towards zero-waste goods and selecting materials that are user- and environmentally friendly and almost entirely made in Slovenia.

Therefore, on the Earth Day, I suggest that in order to preserve the environment you replace your notebooks with plastic covers with the Slavc Notebook hand wrapped in cotton with ecological print - slavc-eko-print /? showall = 1.

Greetings 2017


In 2017 I wish you to climb high and experience a lot of quality and colorful moments.

The presentation of Tone Hulahoop in the Unikat magazine


In the Unikat magazine I presented the process of making Tone Hulahoop . The plastic base is carefully wrapped in the softest cotton yarn. I finalize it with a bow and Tone Hulahoop is ready for exercise, game and fun.

Tic Tac Toe with Chalk Breda

Do you remember the game of Tic Tac Toe? As a child I could play it for hours. I usually found a friend who was equally enthusiastic about the fastest games. All of a sudden time was running too fast.

Recently I wanted to present to my children the charms of Tic Tac Toe. They already had Breda Chalk in their hands but the blackboard was occupied with water colors, we used the desk as a basis instead. Boy, that was a real competition! When one game was finished we simply wiped it with a wet sponge and started a new one. Rainy afternoon passed away in a flash.

You only need Breda Chalk and a flat surface (make sure that the surface is suitable so that chalk can be wiped away). You draw two vertical and two horizontal lines. Decide who will have crosses, who circles and who starts first. The first one draws an agreed sign into any square. Then it’s opponent’s turn. The winner is the one who draws three of the same characters in one line first. If all the fields are full before this happens it’s a tie.
I wish you a lot of fun!

Greetings from Hiškarija 2016


I wish you the best year 2016.

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