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Zvezek Slavc Hiskarija A6 02
Zvezek Slavc Hiskarija A6 03
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Notebook Slavc A6 – apples

9.00 €

Notebook Slavc
Dimensions: format A6, 56 sheets
Paper: 80g, hardcover 250g
Material: paper, fabric 100% cotton


Colors and shades may differ monitor to monitor but finished product quality should be close to what you see.


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Notebook Slavc got its name after bird “slavcek”, nightingale, which visited us on one sunny day and glanced through the window of Hiškarija’s office. It was a love at first sight and it couldn’t have been different that drawer Anja Polh caught its charming look into the notebook.

To protect the covers from damages we wrap Notebook Slavc into robust cotton cloth. With its tenderness and colourful patterns it certainly draws a smile onto everyone’s face. It therefore remains undamaged throughout the whole period of use.

On the cover of Notebook Slavc we stich a carton with lines for the owner’s name and signature.

In order for the Notebook Slavc to last for a long time, it’s thicker than the more common notebooks: Nightingale is jumping over up to sixty sheets of paper, but it can sometimes also miss one or two.
As we want to see Notebook Slavc also in school we have added a vertical line on each side and arranged the horizontal lines to school standard – 9 millimetres.

In the end, when Notebook Slavc is all filled up, Hiškarija can produce you a RE-bag, RE-folder or RE-sleeping bag for a toy (“RE” stands for recycled). If you want to preserve environment send us the Notebook Slavc of only its covers and we will prepare you a new RE-Slavc item for only half of the price of the new item. Don’t forget to write down what you would like to have and your shipping address.

Since Notebook Slavc is the coolest notebook around, we can produce it also according to your wishes: instead of lines on the cover carton we can place your name, a thought for the day or titles such as: My first notebook, My diary, Running diary, Book of memories, Book of recipes etc. – whatever you can think of.

Notebook Slavc is available with ruled paper sheets as well as without lines. If you would require version with diamond pattern (without the image of the nightingale), “TakoLahko” or “Lili in Bine”, these can be produced as well.

For the notebooks which aren’t in our regular offer, we need some more time and resources, therefore the prices are 20% higher than the standard Notebook Slavc. You can order them on info@hiskarija.si.

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Dimenzije 15 x 11 x 2.5 cm